• Tour Start :Siem Reap
  • Tour Finish :Siem Reap
  • Duration :2 Days | 1 Nights
  • Tour Cost :from 137$ Per Person
  • Destination :Green Rural-Floating Village
  • Tour Style :Village Cycling Tour
  •   Daily Departure



One of the green rural in Siem Reap, as we select in special, known as the Ladybug village, in local Language named KOMPHEM Village, as small village with 65 square hectar, The Village is a mixture of type 1, 2, 3 and 4 households, type one family typical struggle to meet daily needs together in a life programs aims to work mostly with those households,
You will be welcome into their house and lives for the day,

Adventure Loop Travel is providing a monthly rice fee as 50kg per poverty family plus a daily kitchen needs which is really need for lives,

We work directly to family and villagers, as always contribution and sharing some of our benefit to everyone house that we visited,

Culture exchange, people’s lives changing, & creative happiness community, are all we are doing,

With Adventure Loop Travel we are strongly not recommend you handout gifts, or money to these family or children around the village, no matter how dire the situation seems, providing gifts can cause problems within the village and jealousy among of family and relatives, should you wish to help the family please kindly discuss with our team who can providing you a right information on the best way to make a meaningful of your help. poverty water filter

You will notice that many children suffer poor dental hygiene.

Please do not buy or handout any candy to every children around the village, as this only contributes to the problems and seem like you are teaching the local children from the village “How To Bagging “ from the visitor.

Adventure Loop Travel is works closely with a local family and each tour return back to villagers some benefits to support their daily living.

  • In Cambodia people dress rather conservatively. Men usually wear long pants and long sleeved shirts, and women do not usually wear low-cut or revealing clothing.
  • Visitors are not necessarily expected to dress like local people, but common sense and a respect for local custom should guide you in how you dress.
  • There are no nude beaches in Cambodia, and being nude or topless in public at the beach or pool is not done.
  • It is customary to remove ones shoes when going into some ones house. Also some guesthouses require guests to leave their shoes at the entrance. If you are ever unsure if you need to remove your shoes, ask someone, or look for other shoes left at the entrance.
  • We all want to have a clean environment. However, local people often seem oblivious to the pollution around them. But you can set an example by not throwing your trash around. It may not always be possible to find a trash can, so keep your trash with you until you can dispose of it properly.
  • Plastic bags are a major cause of pollution. When shopping, put your purchases in your bag or backpack so you do not have to take plastic bags. If you do take plastic bags, try to reuse them.
  • To make your trip more enjoyable, as well as informative, you should try to know as much as you can about the countries you will visit. Knowing about local culture. Tradition and history, as well knowing about the places you will see, will make your trip that much more satisfying

What to Wear
We recommend that you wear sturdy footwear like trainers / sneakers. Long sleeves and pants are ideal - we also suggest sunglasses and a hat. Please refrain from wearing revealing clothing in villages.

Responsible for Village Interaction

  • As stated above, always ask local people before photographing them.
  • Even when photographing children, ask beforehand.
  • It is recommended that you not buy from children selling on the streets on the theory that this encourages them to be on the street, and they wont go to school. However, they are bringing income to their families, and they are learning about entrepreneurship. Use your own judgment regarding this. But it is advised not to give money to begging children, especially those carrying babies. There will always be an adult handler nearby waiting to take the money.
  • You may bring toys for children at an orphanage or school, however please do not bring battery operated toys, or toy guns or other toy weapons.
  • It is also illegal to purchase any wildlife products from endangered species. After habitat destruction, the illegal trade in wildlife is the second largest threat to species extinction.
  • As much as possible, try local food. You never know what you may like. Also try fresh fruit from the local market.


Enjoy one of the most authentic countryside villages surrounding Siem Reap city - KOMPHEM Village (The Ladybug village).  Kompem is a small community which will welcome you into the houses and lives of the locals.

Our unique tour (two days one night), will bring you unforgettable memories of The Kingdom of Cambodia.  Feed your hunger for exploration with the local Khmer culture by sharing two days with the Khmer people of the Siem Reap Province.  Indulge in traditional cuisine - cooked by the family of the village.  Visit the stunning floating village and enjoy an unforgettable sunset over Tonle Sap (the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia).  Our initial 25km bike ride out to the village will bring us through the amazing antiquity of Siem Reap: lotus fields, rice paddies, and villages where we will learn the life skills of local farmers and monks.

DAY 01: SIEM REAP-KOMPHEM RURAL VILLAGE (25km countryside cycling)
0800 we will disembark from your hotel by mountain bike - pedaling through the back roads of Siem Reap , your tour guide will lead you to the most beautiful traditional village, stop for a photo with the lotus farm and you will be welcomed to taste some of the lotus fruit, afterward continue your cycling adventure along the rice fields, getting a picturesque view of Siem reap rural life.  We will stop and visit a historical pagoda from the 11th century, we will then go along a lazy bamboo laden creek.  Visit some of the local families and try the local cake that villagers are selling along the road!!  We will stop to visit the basket village: a village which has traditionally produced hand woven baskets and furniture for Siem Reap for centuries - you are welcomed to learn this ancient skill if you wish.

Around 1200 we will arrive in Komphem Village, a name given by locals to denote the extraordinary amount of these beautiful insects which cohabitate the village. Because of the ancient irrigation system this village stays green year round! Bask in the cool breeze as a local family prepares lunch for us.

 After we rest up we will take an oxcart ride (local transportation) through the countryside then link up with our van and visit Meachrey (A floating community).  We will enjoy a local boat trip through the floating forest, floating village, and indulge in a stunning view of the sunset over the great lake of Tonle Sap.  After we will head back to Komphem Village for a locally sourced/cooked dinner.  After dinner, enjoy the night and chat with the family about their life experience during the Pol Pot Regime and struggle life today.  Experience, Exchange, Learn from each other. After - enjoy a well deserved snooze

DAY 02: LADYBUG VILLAGE TOUR-(no cycling) 
Good morning ladybug village! We will awake after a much needed peaceful night of rest in the village, 
we will eat a traditional breakfast with the family before we say our goodbyes. 
Your local guide will lead you around the village - walking from the village to the rice fields, we will participate in local activities: preparation of palm sugar from raw palm juice, thatch weaving, and ongoing agricultural initiatives aimed at combating malnutrition in the village.
We will the visit an ancient pagoda in the village, where you will be get the water blessing from a local Buddhist monk (the water blessing is an important ceremony in Buddhism and is used to bring good luck and repel bad luck)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you would like to receive the monk’s water blessing, you will have to be prepared with proper attire: bikini, or top off for the lady is prohibited, The lady at least must be cover the shoulder, the man is ok for top off, during the water blessing, short pants work perfect, but not underwear 

after you get the water blessing from the monk we will drive back to Siem Reap city ( about 30minutes) where we will drop you off at your hotel. THE TOUR WILL END HERE

  • 25km cycling through the countryside
  • Oxcart riding
  • Activities in the village (rice harvest/rice planting (depend on season), weaving, palm sugar preparation, basket weaving, planting crops)
  • Boat trip to floating village
  • The Water blessing 
  • Cooking and living with a local family
  • Mountain Bike
  • Transportation as minivan back support 
  • Helmet
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Boat Trip
  • Oxcart Ride
  • 1Lunch
  • 1Dinner
  • 1Breakfast
  • seasonal fruit
  • Quality Drinking water
  • Homestay
  • Village activities
  • Water Blessing from the monk



01-PAX 02-PAX 03-05PAX 06-08PX
247$  156$ 137$ 104$


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